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VoIP Services

VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol, which by itself means voice over the internet. It’s a technology that delivers voice communication and multimedia sessions (such as video) over internet protocol (IP) networks.

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How VoIP Works

VoIP is the latest breed of unified communications available today. Our state of the art voice switch offers a full range of voice, video and converged solutions on one platform, It is housed at Terraco and is directly linked up with fibre between all major networks in SA . Our last mile connections can be deployed using licensed wireless, fibre or our very own LTE APN. Upstream delivers a feature rich solution putting the customer in the drivers seat. 

Upstream Connect -Your Telecoms & Internet Service Provider

Advantages of VoIP platform

There are a number of advantages when it comes to VoIP. The number of concurrent calls possible through VoIP is practically limitless. With this in mind you telecom environment will never be the bottle-neck in a rapidly growing company . Seeing that VoIP is non-geographical factor like, working remotely for short period or relocating you business is not a problem. VoIP accounts are linked to a handset or VoIP PBX, not to geographic location. This makes relocating a breeze and a while lot cheaper. The flexibility of VoIP means that you can plug your handset into any network. You just need to take your phone with you. This is due to VoIPs plug-and-play nature .

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Calling through VoIP

Calling through VoIP is substantially cheaper the Telkom . you can expect up to between 30 % to 60% savings. All you need is a fast and reliable internet connection. Plus, users can call each other for free as it doesn't matter at which branch your colleague is located , the monthly saving will be significant. VoIP can easily be integrated in your ERP or CRM system. Click-and Dial from a web-based address book is just one of the many possibilities. VoIP is the number one telecommunications technology of the future and you can access it right now ! 

Upstream Connect -Your Telecoms & Internet Service Provider

The Benefits of Switching to VoIP

A Few VoIP acronyms, explained...

A powerful automated VOIP business service that replaces the need for a receptionist and can be used to direct calls or play answers based on a series of questions. Its is also known as a digital receptionist or AA – Auto Attendant.

A ring group is a way for a set of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls. Typically support, sales and accounting would have ring groups to share the incoming calls among employees of a company .

A hunt list is set up to find the first and most suitable available person to answer the phone. A hunt can be setup to ring one person at a time until the first available person answers. In comparison a ring group will ring the entire group of people at the same time. Hunt list can be setup to hunt through multiple ring group id necessary ,ie. sales group can be rung first , if no one answers the accounts group of extensions will begin to ring etc.

The multi device extension feature permits an incoming phone call not only your number, but also a standard PSTN number along with any number(s) simultaneously.

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