Hosted PBX

With virtual PBX/IP centrex, businesses no longer need to worry about the significant cost of managing and maintaining premises communications systems (Traditional PABX telephony equipment). The Upstream hosted PBX platform provided all standard PBX functions, plus fully integrated enhanced services, such as call centers, conferencing, voice, video and fax mail, as well as mobile integration. All setup and configuration is easily managed via a web portal. Upstream PBX platform empowers customers to simplify their communication environment, scale easily and future proof their communications solutions

Benefits of a hosted PBX system

Cloud-based hosted IP PBX allows companies to finally replace their old premise-bases phone system with more flexible and affordable solution. However, this isn’t a case of simply swapping one phone system for another. The transition to host PBX means a significant shift in how your business communications are handled. Since the service provider takes over management of the system hardware with hosted solution, you avoid expenses such as having to purchase equipment and devote IT staff to overseeing it. Hosted communication solutions also offer enhanced functionality and flexibility with advanced features that improve productivity and performance .

Transform your business communications

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Lower Cost , More Saving

Premise-based solutions require a hefty upfront investment to purchase the necessary servers and systems. With hosted communications, all you need is a VoIP- enabled phone and you are ready to go. The month-to-month service charge is also reduced as expensive traditional phone lines are replaced by combining voice and data traffic on a single network.

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Reduced Complexity

Hosted PBX is designed to beasy for users to manage without constantly seeking assistance from IT staff. An online web portal allows individual users to configure their own settings for features right from their computers .There is no longer any need to devote time and resources to training support to oversee the system.

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Enhanced Features

With hosted PBX, you can get the features you need to make your company more productive. You can have calls forwarded to any device you choose, seamlessly move in-progress calls between phones, and even make calls from anywhere while still having it show as coming from your office number . A unified inbox makes it easy to check ,sort and store all your emails , voice messages and faxes in one place . This solution has the features to support you no matter how or where you work .

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Stay Connected Anywhere

Since hosted solutions are not relying on hardware kept in your office , there is no reason that services should be limited to one location. As long as you have a connection to the cloud , you can access the services and features you need to work productivity form anywhere . Whether you are working at your desk , from a conference room , on the road or at home , your communication system remains

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Be prepared for the future

Whether you are considering month-to-month seasonal changes or looking ahead years down the road , your communications system needs to be flexible to adjust to shifting conditions . Hosted PBX is easy to deploy and can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of your business. Additionally , updates are delivered automatically by the service provider to make sure your service is always up-to-date.

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Ensure business continuity

Nobody likes to think about disasters, but the reality is that a fire , flood or earthquake can cause significant damage by interrupting your business communications. Hosted PBX ensures that you retain uninterrupted contact with your customers since the crucial hardware is stored in secure and redundant data centers . Even if your office is damaged, calls can quickly forward to other phones through the online portal for continuous service.